Thursday, October 25, 2007

Book Discussion Group

This past month I attended - for the first time - a teen literature book discussion group. The group is made up of mostly school librarians, with a couple of public librarians tossed in for good measure. I had wanted to attend the previous month, but there was so much going on with work, etc., that I needed to cut something from my schedule.
Some of the books I've read for the discussion group:


  • Boot Camp by Todd Strasser - I thought this book was OK. The end was too quick, and I think that the author could have done a much better job with the topic.
  • Wickedly Lovely by Melissa Marr - Overall, this book was decent. Love. Faeries. Parties. Magic. What more could you want? Not a fave, but not the worse book I've read.
  • Repossessed by A. M. Jenkins - Loved this book. Thought it was funny, and the lesson wasn't pounded too much into the reader’s brain.


  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexi - Loved this book. It was funny. It was sad.
  • How It Happened in Peach Hill by Marthe Jocelyn - a nice story, but it not as good as I expected. I was bored thoughout most of the book.
  • The Trap by John Smelcer - Ok. I admit it. I didn't read this one. I hear it is excellent. I just don't think it is my type of book.

(a.k.a. what I am suppose to be reading now)

  • Derby Girl by Shauna Cross - I am reading this book and loving it so far. The main character - Bliss - calls to my inner punk. I long for blue hair*. Think I can get away with that at work?
  • Deadline by Chris Crutcher - I have this book, but haven't started it yet. I love CC's books...yet, I couldn't get into the last one I tried to read (Sledding Hill). Just could not read it. I think it is putting me off of this one.
  • Right Behind You by Gail Giles - I'm still waiting for this book to arrive. Supposedly, it is in transit to me.

*I really want fire engine red hair. I had stripes like that once. I fear I am getting too old for it now. *sigh*

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