Monday, April 28, 2008

The effects of a great story...or an overactive imagination!

Imagine driving down an unfamiliar bit of highway, heading towards home. It’s late…close to midnight. You aren’t alone in the car, but your only company is your dog, who is sleeping…snoring away in the backseat. You still have another hour to go before you will finally pull into the driveway at your house.

You’ve been listening to an audiobook while you drive. As you drive towards home on this dark road, the story picks up, nearing the climax. It’s intense. Otherworldly creatures are gathering, attacking. They call over and over “Sacrifice. Sacrifice. SACRIFICE!” as the heroine tries to complete her task… and stay alive.

Can you imagine this? Does your heart beat just a little faster? Do you feel a little afraid of what lies in the shadows surrounding the road?

This is what my drive home from Pittsburgh Saturday night was like. I’ve been listening to The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray. In fact, due to the drive to and from Pittsburgh, I’m almost finished with the book. Let me tell you…that was an intense drive. All because of the book I was listening to. How I didn't end up having nightmares is beyond me!

I should finish this book tomorrow. Be on the lookout for my review!

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