Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bookmarkers -Narnia – week three.

Yay! There were lots of repeat attendees for the program this week. Of the 7 kids attending, only one was new (and the older sister of one of the other kids). I read chapters 10-13. Although I prepared questions, we didn’t discuss the book as much this week. I’ll keep the questions and add them to next week’s.

Pizza was donated by Inner Circle Pizza (the Belmont Ave. location. If I get a working URL, I’ll share it!).

The craft was one that I remember doing often when I was a child….tissue flowers. How does this fit in with Narnia? During the chapters I read Monday night, spring is coming to Narnia. Flowers are a wonderful sign of spring. So, there you have it.

For this craft, we used a regular box of tissues. I know the craft can also be done with tissue paper, but 1. that isn’t how I made them when I was little, and 2. I didn’t have any tissue paper in my office on Monday. Other craft materials include pipe cleaners and markers. You can decorate the flowers using the markers either before or after the tissues are folded.

The steps are easy:

  1. Fold the tissues (longer side) accordion style (I used two per flower, but you can use more).
  2. Fold the tissues in half.
  3. Secure with a pipe cleaner, but twisting the pipe cleaner around the folded edge (before the program, I cut the pipe cleaners in half, but this isn’t necessary).
  4. Pull apart the layers of the tissues.

I have a couple of photos to share of the craft. The flowers in the first photo are my examples. The second photo is of two flowers made by one of the program attendees. She did a beautiful job!



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