Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Rebel Angels by Libba Bray

This is the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, and begins shortly after when the previous book ended.

Gemma, Felicity and Ann are still at Spence Academy, and preparing for Christmas. Gemma and Felicity are going home to their families in London, and Anne is to stay at Spence as she does for all holidays. It is decided, though, due to events involving the realms, that Ann is to stay with Felicity.

On her way home to her grandmother’s house in London, Gemma meets handsome – and rich – Simon Middleton. Between her grandmother, her friends and her suitor (Simon), Gemma’s time in London is a flurry of high society activity. It is also a time of frantic searching for Gemma believes Circe is hunting her, and she must find the temple and bind the magic within the realms before it falls into the wrong hands (i.e. Circe). All of this takes place over about a month’s time.

I loved this audiobook. Although I enjoyed the narrator of the 1st audiobook (abridged version) more, this narrator did a decent job. I wish I had heard the unabridged version of the 1st book, as there are a few things I found confusing.

I will be suggesting this series to others. I can’t wait to hear the 3rd book! According to my record, it should be at my work soon.

On a side note…there is one small part where they didn’t edit correctly. A character says something “flatly” and, after stating the line, the narrator comments that she will do it again more flatly, then repeats the line.

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