Monday, July 21, 2008

A quest for a better book...

I finally finished Queste by Angie Sage. I would have finished a few weeks ago if not for a few things: 1. I was out of town – and not driving – for several days, meaning I wasn’t listening to the book. 2. I had company staying at my house for several days, and I drove most of the time. I don’t listen to audiobooks with others in the car…unless they are sleeping! 3. The book was boring and annoying me too much. Often I switched it off and just listened to the radio.

So, yes…I wasn’t too pleased with the 4th installment of the Septimus Heap series. I thought Jenna was especially annoying, and wanted to tell her to shut up and listen to her companions. Other characters annoyed me, but not nearly as much as Princess Pratty Pants.

And I was bored. The narrator seemed to drone on and on, which usually caused me to turn the CD off after 5 minutes and just listen to music for the remainder of my drive home (usually about 10 more minutes). *yawn* Ho hum, pig’s bum. Next story, please.

So, I am not sure if I will bother listening to a 5th book…if there is one. I am assuming there will be.

Now…what to listen to next? I wanted to listen to Tithe by Holly Black, but we don’t have it on CD in my system (Hey, Sarah...can you fix that for me?). Off to check the shelves for a quick listening fix!

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