Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back from the dead and visits to faerieland.

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Social outcast Jennifer Harris drastically changes herself after hearing that Cameron Quick, her best – and only friend died. Several years go by, and Jennifer is now Jenna, now a popular teenager with a boyfriend. When Cameron shows up, Jenna’s world is stunned to the core, as she must deal with not only finding out that he is alive, but also the traumatic event they experienced on her 9th birthday.

This was a book club pick.

I listened to this book. The author narrated the audiobook. I thought that her tone was too flat for most of the story, but then, that could also be because of Jenna’s “voice”. I wasn’t overly impressed with the book. Jenna seemed like a robot. None of the characters felt well developed. While I did listen to the whole book, I wasn’t excited about it at all.

Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black

With a rock-and-roll-star-wannabe mom and a subsequent life on the road, sixteen-year-old Kaye’s life has always been beyond normal. After her mother is nearly attacked by a band mate, Kaye and her mom return to their hometown in New Jersey. Kaye reconnects with her childhood best friend...and with the faeries she played with as a little girl. Now that she’s older, she learns the real reason she can see faeries…and finds that she plays a major role in the battle for control over two fairie kingdoms.

Now this was a good tale! Black’s descriptions of New Jersey – both the human and faerie parts – place the reader there.

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