Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've got a fever...

A few weeks ago, some coworkers were discussing a series of books for adults. The 3rd (perhaps final…must check on that) book was recently published. I didn’t pay too much attention, as it was an adult book, and anymore it seems I read only books written for people 18 and younger.

Fast forward a week and another coworker recommend the series to me. So, I decide to go ahead a try it. We had the first book on the shelf, so I grabbed it and checked it out. A few days later, I started reading the book.

Two nights in a row, I read the book before going to bed. While laying in bed even.

And this morning, before leaving for work, I finished it. It took me all of 3 days to read. That’s while working every single day.

The book was that good. So good, in fact, that before I left for work this morning, I placed book number two on hold. I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival to my branch. Hopefully tomorrow.

And now would be the perfect time to tell you the title and author of the book. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning.

Twenty-two year old Mac is a typical Georgia Peach. Rarely swears. Perfect accessories for her pastel pallet of clothing. Long blonde tresses.

When her older sister is brutally murdered while studying in Dublin, Mac’s world falls apart. Her whole family is devastated and her parents withdraw into themselves. When the Irish police send the case to the unsolved files, Mac decides to head to Ireland to put a face to the grieving family, and to demand the police keep looking.

Her plan doesn’t quite work out that way. Instead, Mac is drawn into a world she never knew existed. Fae are real. Vampires might be real. And Mac – who was pretty based in what she thought was reality – has inherited the talent to see these mythical creatures for who they are.

Unhappily – but perhaps luckily – thrown together with the mysterious Jericho Barrons, Mac’s quest to find her sister’s killer takes her deep into the underbelly of Dublin, and drastically changes her life forever.

I really like this book. I have heard good things about the next one - Bloodfever. I hope they are true!

While this is a book for adults, I think that older teens may enjoy the series as well.

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