Thursday, November 06, 2008

reading frenzy

I've finished several books recently, including all but one of the Highlander series. I'll start off with those books.

Firstly, this is the series in order:

  1. Beyond the Highland Mist (1999) - see previous post for review
  2. To Tame a Highland Warrior (1999) - see previous post for review
  3. The Highlander's Touch (2000) - see below for review
  4. Kiss of the Highlander (2001) - see below for review
  5. The Dark Highlander (2002) - see below for review
  6. The Immortal Highlander (2004) - see below for review
  7. Spell of the Highlander (2005) - see below for review
  8. Into the Dreaming (2006) - on hold for this one

The Highlander's Touch is another supernatural, time travel romance. Overworked Lisa accidentally falls asleep in the director's office at the museum where she works her second job as an afterhours cleaning woman. When she awakens to hear the director arriving to his office, she hides, hoping to not get caught. Before fleeing for safety - once she is able to - she takes a look at an old artifact that was just brought to the museum. Touching it, she finds herself transported to a different time.

Circenn Brodie is not your average Highlander. Entrusted by the Seelie Fae to keep watch over their hallows, Circenn's vow to kill the man who returns one that is lost - as well as his other vows - are all tested to the core when Lisa arrives from nearly seven hundred years in the future.

This is another quick read. There is a twist to the story and several things that tie in with future books. I enjoyed the story enough that I couldn't wait to read the next...

In Kiss of the Highlander, Gwen booked a trip to Scotland, trying to live life to the fullest (and to find herself a cherry picker). What she didn't bargain for was 1. to be younger than the rest of her group by at least 35 years or 2. to fall through a hole in the ground and land on a handsome, unconscious...and naked...Highlander. Will a trip back to his century save his clan, and will Lisa's life ever be the same again?

While a similar plot a few of her previous books - and one that will be seen again - this quick read (another one night book) was engaging. Moning's descriptions of the Scottish Highlands - regardless of what century - are lovely to read.

Of course, I couldn't wait to read the next book in the series, The Dark Highlander, which, in a way, is a continuation of Kiss of a Highlander. According to legend, if one of the MacKeltar clan used his powers for personal reasons, he would be cursed. Dageus MacKeltar found just how true that legend was. Could the love of a woman save him from his dark and deadly fate?

There's more time travel in this romance book. Again, another great, quick read.

The next story in this series, The Immortal Highlander, doesn't have the time travel found in the previous tales; however, a character from two previous books returns. Adam Black has been stripped of his fae powers by his Queen, and rendered human. To add insult to injury, he also cannot be seen by anyone. He travels - the long and tedious human way - by plane - to Cincinatti, where his son and family lives, hoping that Circenn can see and help him to contact the Fae Queen. Instead, he is seen by Gabrielle O'Callaghan, a third year law student with the hereditary ability to see Fae - and a fear of Fae to go with it. Once Adam realizes that she can see him, he is determined to have her help...though, neither would have guessed what happens as a result. Can Adam contact the Fae Queen in time to save not only Gabby and himself, but both of their worlds?

While previous books have some ties to the Fever series, I think it is with The Immortal Highlander that the real connections begin. At least as far as I've read so far!

The last book I've read in the Highlander series was Spell of the Highlander. The book returns us to the MacKelter clan. Cian MacKelter was only known in legend. Generations that followed him barely believed the tales of the Druid who turned dark were real. Jessi St. Clair finds the truth. Cian MacKelter is alive...having been imprisoned in an Unseelie Hallow - a mirror - for over 1000 years. Cian is depending on Jessi to save him - and to help keep the compact between the Fae and the Human Race from being broken.

Again, this book has many references that will be mentioned in the Fever series. It was also my favorite - thus far - of all the Highlander books.

There is a change apparent in the last few books of the Highlander series. While Moning sticks with some of the same small plots and themes of her previous books, the last two I read are different from the first few that screamed ROMANCE NOVEL.

Moning's other series is the Fever series. So far, three books have been published. I've now read all three of them. The titles in this series are as followed:

1. Darkfever (Oct. 2006) - see previous posts for review
2. Bloodfever (Oct. 2007) - see previous posts for review
3. Faefever (Sep. 2008) - see below for review
4. Dreamfever (Coming Soon) - not yet published
5. Shadowfever (Coming Soon) - not yet published

Faefever picks up where Bloodfever ends. Mac has just encountered the Sinsar Dubh, and, for the first time, did not pass out. She sees what happens to its victims, and the beast it has become. Mac continues her quest to find her sister's killer, playing her options between V'Lane and Barrons, and finally has that meeting with Christian MacKelter, and finds out his family's connections to the whole crazy mess. As Halloween approaches, Dublin is becomming more and more crowded with Unseelie Fae. What is the Lord Master's plan for the city...and all of mankind?

I cannot wait for the next book, especially with the cliffhanger type of ending that this one had! O.M.G. I hope it comes out soon!!

These are all books for adults.

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