Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vampires, wererats, and zombies! Oh, my!

Last night I finished reading Guilty Pleasures: an Anita Blake, vampire hunter novel by Laurell K. Hamilton. It was such a great read. Not intellectually stimulating, but still great. I had already put the 2nd book in the series on hold already, and it came in today, so I’ll be reading it soon!

Anita Blake doesn’t like vampires…and they don’t like her much either. But when the animator (i.e. reanimated the dead) is made an offer that she can’t really refuse, Anita finds herself working for city’s supremely nasty leader of the undead.

Vampires are being murdered – but there are few clues as to who is committing the crimes. Though usually on the other side of the stake, Anita is working to find out just who is killing the undead, while trying to stay alive.

This is an adult book.

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