Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just singing along…

I picked up this CD from the children’s music collection at one of the branches. The cover was intriguing…as was the names of some of the songs.

I love it.

Now, the group’s other CDs, from what I’ve read, are definitely not child friendly. But this one was written with kids in mind.

The group? Asylum Street Spankers. (The name supposedly comes from the nickname of an Austin street where they would often busk and the term "spanker" which is an old musician's term for "one who plays his instrument vigorously and proficiently"…according to Wikipedia, so take your chances in believing that!)

The CD? Mommy Says No!

My favorite songs from the CD? Be Like You; Sidekick; Everybody Loves my Baby; You just love me for my lunchbox…

Actually, I really like most of the songs! (Not a fan of Mommy says no!)

The sound is a bit old-timey, a bit funky and a bit jazzy. As you listen to the songs, you will find your foot tapping and fingers snapping involuntarily. You might even want to get up and dance around…with your favorite kid, of course!

So, go to your local library and ask for this CD…whether or not you have a child to dance and sing with.

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