Thursday, June 25, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries, Wednesday night edition.

Tomorrow, two of my fellow staff members and me will be heading to the state capitol so we can join in the rally for Ohio libraries. To do this we are taking leave time from work. Two of us will also be in a bit of a hurry to return home. We have to cover public service desks in the evening. But it is important enough to us to get up much earlier than usual (at least in my case. There’s a reason I am rarely at work before 8:30 a.m.) and to take leave time from our jobs in order to make the 3 hour trek to Columbus.

My bag is packed, and ready to go. Knitting for the drive. Camera for the rally. Chocolate for mental health. Yup. I’m ready. My red shirt is in the dryer. I will be there to not only as a representative of the employees at my library, but, more importantly, as a library patron and a lifelong user of libraries.

Click here for a pdf of the Columbus rally flyer.

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