Monday, June 22, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries

All of the proposed cuts that are listed here take effect on JULY 1 . . . . that is a mere 8 days away!!!!!
If we don't rally around the libraries NOW there won't be any libraries left to rally around!

Youngstown Public Library will have to close all their branches if this happens . . . .
Niles McKinley Memorial Library MIGHT be able to stay open ONE DAY per week . . .
MOST libraries will be forced to close . . .

In these hard economic times libraries have become a big GO TO resource . . . I know how many people we see just in the computer lab where I work . . . what will these people do without our resources? WHAT WILL YOU DO without YOUR library!?!


The past Friday afternoon, Governor Strickland held a press conference to outline the many ideas to balance the budget. Among the ideas expressed was a proposal to cut library funding by over 30% during the next two years. This is in addition to the 20% reduction that has already been made this year AND to the collapse of funding Ohio libraries have experienced since 2000. This translates to a loss of over 50% of public library funding for the foreseeable future.

Libraries throughout the state have already been hit hard. Budgets have been slashed. Hours of operation have been reduced. People have lost jobs. Just last week I heard that North Canton Public Library laid off 8 full time employees (on a staff of 55). Unfortunately, this is becoming more common.

Yes…the economic recession has been hitting everyone. Many people are without jobs. Where do those people go to file unemployment and to search for jobs once they cannot afford to have internet access at home? Many use the free internet service provided by the public library.

The public library offers many wonderful services to the community. The public library is more than just a lender of reading materials. It is a community center. A place of continuing education. A place for entertainment. A place for everyone.

Ohio libraries have long been considered some of the best in the nation. If the proposed budget cuts are passed, this will no longer be the case.

How can you help keep this from happening?

Call Governor Strickland's office: 614-466-3555
EMAIL Governor Strickland:

Call your local representative

MAKE SOME NOISE -- let your voice be heard to stop this from happening!

Please pass this on to everyone you know in Ohio. We must take action...and we must do it NOW. This will take effect JULY 1!

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