Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to tonight’s edition of Save Ohio Libraries!

I did a little bit of math tonight. In June and July we are offering around 140 children’s programs system wide. Storytimes. Crafts. Animals. Clowns. Movies. And a lot more.

One hundred forty programs over just two months.

But, come this fall, when we really beef up our program offerings, what may be offered instead is the following sign.

If this happens, we can then call and leave messages thanking the elected officials who are trying to make it happen.

A funny thing that has been going around the various websites and through emails today has been a doctored up READ poster. Ohio’s “education” governor posed for one of those lovely READ posters (see the original here). Those of us in libraryland prefer this one:

On OPLINlist – a listserv for Ohio’s libraryland – someone shared a post of kudos to all those who are working towards this effort. I would like to share a list of my own.

  • Kudos to our director who personally delivered a sign to at least one branch location on Monday, and who is working hard this week – not as much with moving into a house in our area (instead of an hour away) - but with trying to keep the library doors open.
  • Kudos to our tech staff members who set up these wonderful kiosks throughout our system. The kiosks are set up so patrons can email politicians in Columbus with just a few keystrokes and clicks of the mouse.

  • Kudos to Sheetz for donating the kiosks (though it was done before the budget crisis was known, it is still awesome – and timely!).
  • Kudos to the local businesses that are getting the word out by displaying and distributing flyers.
  • Kudos to the staff for making sure every patron knows what is going on.
  • Kudos to the patrons, friends and family of library employees and everyone else who have contacted their politicians, posted on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, message boards and done so much more to make sure our voices are heard.
And, on that note, I am going to attempt to sleep more than I did last night.

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Sharon said...

It is truly amazing to see how people can come together for something they believe it! Way to go everyone for making their voices heard!