Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries - Week 2 - Waiting on Wednesday

It’s quieting down in libraryland. While we still fear the possible loss of the wonderful institution that is Ohio public libraries – and of our jobs – we have been lulled into a quieter resistance. Perhaps it is because we are tired and because the outrage felt when we were first told of Governor Strickland’s proposal has morphed into a feeling of mourning.

There is a subdued feeling at my library. I expect it is the same throughout the state. It’s hard to plan fun and exciting programs for the fall when you aren’t sure if the library will even be opened, let alone have the staff available for those programs!

Then there are the books and materials. For the past 10 days we have had an order ready to be placed. Yesterday it was decided to place the order – but only get the materials for our Main location. Even then, the list was reduced to the absolute “must haves”. The reason for the order change? We don’t know what branches – if any – will be open in two months.

I urge others to let their voices be heard. Have your children write to Governor Strickland and to your politicians in Columbus…and even your local media. Go to and post why you need your local library. Tell others to do the same. Let our voices ring, least our budgetary plight be forgotten or ignored. is Wednesday, and I am still waiting. What will the outcome be?

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Sharon said...

Waiting sucks. I hope you end up getting a good resolution, and if not good, at least decent.