Monday, July 06, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries - Week 3 - Monday Madness

Ahh…any weekend – especially a holiday one – can be very relaxing after a stress filled workweek. This past weekend was just that. I enjoyed a weekend back home, camping on the family property, soaking up nature (and reading a great book).

Saturday was completely computer free. Sunday was nearly so. Both days were spent away from the news – especially about the Ohio budget and its effects on public libraries.

Alas, as always happens, the weekend ended and I am back in my office at the library.

There hasn’t been a lot of budget buzz around the library today. That doesn’t mean that the governor hasn’t found a way to insult us once again.

In a nearly hidden article found on this page (right side of the page - below the two photos), Gov. Strickland had a few remarks about Ohio libraries. Most notably, he recommended that the employees reduce their salaries in order to fill the budget gap.

Let’s think that over a bit.

The article mentions that the director of a local public library makes over $115,000 a year. Nice. I wonder how long that director has been there, what type of experience he has, etc. But…that’s just one employee with an undoubtedly high wage. How about the librarians on staff? The people who work the circulation desk? The employees who shelve books? Basically, how about everyone else?

A librarian position often requires a graduate degree - usually a Master in Library and Information Science, or its equivalent from an American Libraries Association accredited program. However, a librarian with a freshly minted MLIS diploma would be very lucky to find a full time job, let alone one that pays a salary in the mid-$30,000 range. I should know…I’ve read enough job descriptions.

Circulation clerks, pages and the like are often lucky to make $10. Many work at minimum wage. Ever thought about how hard it is to live on $7.25 an hour (the current minimum wage in Ohio)? How about raising a family on that wage? I’d like to see Gov. Strickland try.

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Sharon said...

They always like to throw the highest number they can find out. Helps to make others get mad about how much they make. But they don't look at what the average person makes either, which is always significantly lower.

I honestly don't know how people live on minimum or just above. I think Minimum here is around 9 dollars, but there is no way you can have your own place and live on that.

A wage cut is fine, but how much? Is Gov Strickland willing to take a wage cut to help out?