Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries - Week 3 - Tuesday

Things I find interesting…

  • Due to the proposed budget cuts, the only librarian in the state on the Newbery committee could end up the only unemployed member of the Newbery committee.
  • Recently, a senator came to the library to speak with the public about the proposed budget. He says he is a library supporter and a library user. BUT…he said if it comes down to it, he will vote for Gov. Strickland’s budget plan. From what I hear, yesterday he was at the library checking out materials. I must wonder…where is he going to get those materials when the library closes?
  • Gov. Strickland basically keeps calling the other powers that be in Columbus a bunch of babies who are stalling until they get their way. Gee…I seem to think that some of comments from Gov. Strickland make him seem be the baby of the group. He has been vocal about his unwillingness to truly work with others to revise the budget in a way that will be fair and balanced. While being so vocal, he has managed to insult not only his fellow politicians, but also library employees throughout the state. Good job! I can almost visualize him having a temper tantrum because he isn’t getting his way.
  • Voting Ohio residents have shown time and again that they are against legalized gambling. Granted, I don’t quite agree. But, the majority rules when it comes to voting. Yet, Gov. Strickland does not want to let the public vote on the slot machine issue. Why? Especially when that is what many other politicians are calling for? Let the people have their say in the matter.

This isn’t the time to play the Republican vs. Democrat game, but some don’t seem to get that. I think they all need to go stand in the corner for a time out.

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