Wednesday, March 03, 2010

but...but...what will I listen to now???

le sigh.

I am an unhappy Ama. Why?

I finished listening to the most recently published book of the Outlander series.

I feel all out of sorts now. What am I going to listen to next? I've been listening to that series for the past year and a half or so. I might have to check out the first one and listen to it again. I need my Jamie Frasier fix!!

When the final CD ended and the - not narrator...announcer? - said, "The End" I actually exclaimed loudly, "ACK!"

Dear Diana Gabaldon,

I hope you are nearly finished writing the next book of the series and that it will be published soon. I wanna know what happens next!!


Ama - one of the many people who adore this series (and not just because of the sex scenes!)


Sharon said...

From her blog, and its not good:

It normally takes me two to two-and-a-half years to write one of the big novels of the main series. Surely you've noticed that the books are a) very big, b) rather complex [cough], and c) cunningly engineered so as to be readable both as stand-alone novels and as an integral part of the larger series? All these things take time, thought, immense quantities of research, and a certain amount of subconscious composting (this, btw, is what's really going on when a writer appears to be playing Spider Solitaire and/or staring out the window).

But maybe this will make you feel better?
Now, we do have a publication date for the graphic novel, I'm happy to say! This is the graphic novel loosely based on Outlander (which is to say, if you've read Outlander—and I rather suspect most of you have—you'll recognize many of the major events of the story, but there's a completely new storyline woven through and around them. The story is told largely from Murtagh's point of view, and he, of course, saw and knew many things that Claire didn't), script by me, artwork by the amazing Hoang Nguyen (see some of his work at his website). It's titled The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel, and it will be released September 28th, 2010. Hope you'll enjoy it! (I will, btw, be at Comics-Con in New York, October 8-10, to sign it, and hope that Hoang will be, too.)

All from her website

Ama said...

Ack! and Yay!

Hopefully my library will order the graphic novel. If not, there's always Inter-library loan (ILL)!

Sharon said...

Can they do inter-country loans too? hehe

Ama said...

That, I believe, is a question for your local librarian. lol

Sharon said...

I know there is interlibrary loan here as well