Thursday, May 06, 2010

Picture Book Promos

Posey Paints a Princess by Harriet Ziefert; illustrations by Yukiko Kido

Posey loves to paint. When her friend Nina comes to visit, the two girls play with Posey’s paints. Her mother shows the girls how having just five colors of paint can make every color in the rainbow. The two girls work together to paint a fun picture of a princess and a pickle.

This delightful tale illustrates mixing colors. Little girls will love the pink theme to the book.

Pigeon and Pigeonette by Dirk Derom; illustrated by Sarah Verroken

Pigeonette is too small to fly south for the winter. She feels sad and lonely. Then one day she sees a large Pigeon who is attempting to fly. Unfortunately, he is blind, which causes him to fall. The two birds become friends and find that by working together they can soar.

This is a wonderful story of friendship and working together to overcome difficulties. Some of the illustrations are better than others, and often the text is difficult to read due to the background of the page.

There's a website for the book.

Finn Throws a Fit! by David Elliott; illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering.

Little Finn usually loves to eat peaches. One day, though, he has a fit to end all fits. He is cranky and does not want peaches. He storms through the house – “Thunder in the nursery! Lightning in the kitchen!” – until he is no longer cranky.

Nearly every parent has experienced their usually well behaved child having a monumental temper tantrum. This picture book deftly addresses that tantrum, likening it to various weather events. The illustrations artfully illustrate the outburst.

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