Thursday, June 17, 2010

Picture Book Promos

Dad and Pop: an ode to fathers & stepfathers by Kelly Bennett; illustrated by Paul Meisel

The little girl narrating has two fathers; the one she calls Dad and the other she calls Pop. She tells the reader how different each one is from the other. They are alike in one very important way, though. They both love her very much.

This is a sweet story about both fathers and stepfathers, and how both can be important in a child’s life.

Stagecoach Sal : inspired by a true tale by Deborah Hopkinson ; pictures by Carson Ellis

Stagecoach Sal has the prettiest singing voice every found, and she often uses it to entertain passengers on her father’s stagecoach. After her father falls into a hornets’ nest, she drives alone for the first time. The trip becomes worrisome as she picks up a traveler – the well known bandit Poetic Pete! Sal must use her singing skills to keep him from talking – and robbing her and get the mail to its destination safe and sound.

The tale is inspired by the true story of Delia Haskett Rawson, the first – and likely only – woman to carry the mail via stagecoach in California.

The muted pen and watercolor illustrations on off-white paper are fitting to the time period of the story, adding to the setting. The story is filled with music in the form of the traditional songs that Sal sings as she drives. This would be a fun book to read aloud to early elementary aged audiences.

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