Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All About Ash

Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Acheron has long been a mystery to those who know him. Not one for sharing personal information, even those closest to him really do not know his history. Ash is more than happy to keep it that way.

Chronicling his life as a human, this book takes us through Acheron’s first secret birth to the Atlantean goddess Apollymi and his second birth to a Greek queen to his death by the hands of his Greek goddess lover’s twin brother – Apollo. To call his human life wretched is being kind. Yet instead of taking revenge upon the human race, he instead is their greatest defender.

Eleven thousand years after his birth – and death – Acheron is still defending humans. He is also – in many ways – still alone in the world. While there are many he counts as friends, and a few that he even calls family, Acheron aches for the type of love he has never experienced: the unconditional, romantic love of another.

Tory is a professor who is about to announce to the world that she has discovered the mythical city of Atlantis. When Acheron heckles her at the announcement of her discovery, Tory is angry and ashamed. When he later insists on being her bodyguard, she finds herself attracted to this mysterious hunk of a man.

Ash hopes to keep Tory alive – and the secret of his life before becoming a Dark Hunter buried deep in the ocean. Can he succeed without losing more than his heart?


I really enjoyed the first part of the story, which is about Acheron’s life as a human. I would even hazard saying that the first part of this book is the best writing of the series. While it was descriptive in the abuse he endured, it was also a very well written story. Told mostly through journal entries written by Acheron’s human sister, Ryssa, we not only learn of Acheron’s past, but of the mysterious woman and child whose deaths called Apollo to curse his own race of people.


While I’m happy that Acheron finds a woman to love and who loves him, I wasn’t as pleased with the writing of that part of the book. It felt like Kenyon was trying too hard to show that underneath his tough guy appearance, Ash is really a softie. Readers of the series already know this.

We've seen Tory before. She was in the first of the Dream Hunter books - The Dream Hunter.

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