Monday, February 21, 2011

Hate that cat

Hate that Cat by Sharon Creech

Hate That Cat: A Novel
It’s a new school year for Jack and Miss Stretchberry. Jack is happy that his teacher from the previous year has moved up a grade along with him. Poetry is still an important part of class, and Jack has become more confident in his work, despite his Uncle Bill, a college professor, telling him that his poems aren’t real poetry.

Over the course of the school year Jack’s poetry shares the stories of his family: why he hates that fat black cat; his love for his mother, and worry over his new pet.


Jack’s voice and personality is just as present in this book in verse as it was in Love That Dog (which I read and reviewed last year).

I love that he would ask if whether the poets they class learned about were alive.


While a delightful story, it isn’t quite as strong as the previous tale of Jack and his dog.

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