Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello, my name is...

I Now Pronounce You Someone ElseEver since her father’s tragic death 12 years prior, Bronwen hasn’t felt like she belonged in her family. Her perfect and blond older brother and their equally perfect and blond mother shared so many traits, none of which the naturally brunette Bronwen possessed. She had felt so much like an outsider in her own family that she imagined a Real Family that would one day collect her.

At the end of her junior year of high school, Bronwen becomes reacquainted with an old friend of her brother, the handsome Jared Sondervan. In him – and his family – she finds what she had been missing for so many years – a place where she belongs. As their relationship quickly progresses from maybe dating to being engaged and planning a summer wedding, Bronwen thinks her life is perfect…but is it really what she wants right now?


The setting was fairly well drawn. I wasn’t surprised to see that the author was from that part of Michigan. While I was only in that area for a long weekend several years ago, I could picture much of the locations described.


The characters all seemed flat, even Bronwen.

The timeline went quickly…a bit too quickly. I think that it actually took a bit from the story. Most of Bronwen’s senior year of high school was glossed over. I felt like if I blinked between paragraphs I might have missed several months of her story.

This is a debut book. The author has some skill. I would like to see subsequent works, as I think with each one she might develop into a great writer.

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