Saturday, April 09, 2011

The demons within; the demons without

Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick series)

Fourteen-year-old Nick always wanted life to be more interesting, but perhaps not this interesting. After he and his new friends defeat a pack of zombies, Nick thought things would settle down a bit. This was not to be. His mom gets a new job working at a club owned by were-bears. His boss is a fanged vampire killer. His new best friend is a demon. At least Nekoda – the girl he hopes will become his girlfriend – is normal. Right?

Someone is killing fourteen-year-old boys in New Orleans, and Nick may be the reason, since he just happens to be a fourteen-year-old boy with some newfound awesome powers. The new football coach is a bit difficult and requests Nick’s help, which either he complies with or he dies. Oh, and Death was sent to teach Nick how to use some of those awesome powers. Just another normal week in the new interesting life of Nick Gautier.
Invincible: The Chronicles of Nick
Fans of Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series can feel comfortable giving this spinoff series to their teenagers. The same characters Dark Hunter fans love without the sex and minimal swearing. Having read all of the Dark Hunter books so far, I love reading about Nick’s childhood. Nick is a funny kid…just as he has been a funny adult (pre-incident with Simi and Artemis).

While I can understand why the book is set in a modern time period, the Nick from the original series would have been a teenager 20 years or so ago. This is something that might annoy Dark Hunter fans. We must remember, though, that this series is written for today’s teens.

Full of laughs and snarky attitudes, this is the type of writing I’ve come to expect from Kenyon. What I want to know now is… when is the next book being published?

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