Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Do you believe in magic?

Starcrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce

After a very narrow escape from the Greenmen, Digger manages to become a lady-in-waiting for a young noblewoman, Merista Nemair. Hiding her true identity as a common thief, she changes her name to Celyn Contrare, and vows to herself to keep the three rules: Stay Alive; Don’t Get Caught; Don’t Get Involved. This proves harder than anticipated, as the Nemairs and their guests are stuck in their remote mountain stronghold as they prepare for Merista’s coming of age celebration.

StarCrossedAll is not as it seems, however, as Digger/Celyn soon discovers. A close family friend may be a dangerous foe. An innocent girl may be a powerful mage when being magical is a deadly offense. A common thief is related to a powerful government official. And parents looking for a groom for their daughter may be planning a revolution.

Can Digger/Celyn keep her vow and stay alive or will she become thoroughly entrenched in the happenings of the nobles?


Digger doesn’t apologize for who she is. She is an intelligent and strong willed female character.

Bunce does a commendable job with the basic development of the mythology in this world.

I wish that several characters introduced at the beginning of the book, such as Raffin Taradyce and Durrel Decath, had been more developed and more ingrained in the story.

While having a conclusion, the story didn’t feel finished – or even that it would be a finished tale. I wasn’t surprised when I turned the page after the story ended and saw that Digger’s would return in another book (Liar's Moon).

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