Monday, April 11, 2011

The Rival

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

This book follows the story of Garrick De Vere and his return to England to marry the woman his parents have chosen.  Garrick had been exiled after his brother’s disappearance and everyone’s assumption that his brother was dead.  But then his brother comes back to life after spending many years in India.  At the same time, Garrick meets his betrothed and realizes that he cannot marry her but falls in love with her companion, who is already married to an old enemy.

The betrothed and the love interest both have their own issues that they are dealing with beyond just the ones that Garrick is causing for them.   Garrick also has to deal with the return of his brother and the family issues that come along with his return.  

As with most romance novels, this is not a difficult read but due to the various subplots it keeps you engaged and interested in what is going on.  The different plots and twists keep you guessing and wondering what may happen next and are able to form your own opinions in regards to what is going to happen.

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