Saturday, June 04, 2011

One day I will actually get my act together...

...and participate in this.

Yesterday the 48-hour reading challenge began. I knew about it, having read through some blog posts, but promptly forgot to do much for it. Can I blame being very tired and taking a nap after work?

Today I am at work yet again. I did read for about 45 minutes during lunch. My current lunchtime reading is Geek Fantasy Novel by E. Archer. I’ve also read numerous emails and blog posts. Do they count?

I was audiobookless again, as I’ve been waiting for a couple to arrive through interlibrary loan. While I do love music, I’ve come to hate listening to the radio due to all the commercials. Bah. Luckily I found an audiobook for the drive home. Here’s hoping it is a good one!

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