Thursday, August 04, 2011

Picture Paige

Page by PaigeWhen her family moves from their quiet Virginia town to New York City, Paige feels alone. Using her new sketchbook, she develops a list of rules to help herself along the path of developing a new identity as an artist. Over the next year Paige struggles with her own insecurities both as a friend and as an artist, while exploring her relationships with her family, friends and, through her sketchbook, herself.

Although colorless, the illustrations are vivid and bring the story to life.

One of my favorite lines in the book, in a scene where Paige and her new friends are talking about their ethnicities (Japanese American, Italian Latinos), Paige remarks:

Wow, you guys are so exotic! Me, I’m just like if all the pale countries got together and had a big orgy.

Love it. Why? Because it is something I could totally utter.

While I do kind of understand why the book is in black and white (Paige sketches in pencil), I wish there was some color.

I read the paperback of this book. The hardcover has illustrations on the end pages that reflect the story. Both were published at the same time.

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