Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paradise by Judith McNaught

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.
Paradise by Judith McNaught

This is a story of a sheltered rich girl, Meredith, who rebels at 16 by taking home a guy who she is attracted to but she ends up getting pregnant. She shows up on his door step and he marries her. But her dad is not happy about the situation and tries to buy the guy off. He refuses as he truly wants to be with the girl. She ends up having a miscarriage though, and due to circumstances, they end up splitting up.
The story then moves forward 10+ years, and both of them are living the lives that they wanted. But in preparing to marry her fiancé, Meredith finds out that she is still married and has to turn to her husband for a divorce. But things are not that simple.

The story is intriguing and keeps you interested.
It is not a typical romance but definitely has some romantic elements.

I found the story a bit long and cumbersome at 700 pages.

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