Saturday, October 08, 2011

Prisoner of My Desire by Johanna Lindsey

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

Prisoner of My Desire by Johanna Lindsey

Rowena has an ambitious stepbrother who has plans to advance his place in life, but he needs Rowena to marry well and have a child. He marries her off to an old man who ends up passing away on their wedding night so he commands his henchmen to go kidnap a serf who resembles the husband to service her and get her pregnant. 

But things do not go the way he plans, and prisoner escapes before success can be confirmed. And it turns out that they kidnapped a knight who has a lot of power.

Something about stories that take place in the past intrigues me.

What Rowena caused the knight to suffer, he does back to her – originally as revenge but he quickly realizes that there is more to it than getting back at her.

I found the book a confusing for the first while due to the different titles of everyone.

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