Sunday, February 05, 2012

Do not go gentle

Starting several months after the previous book, Matched, Cassia is getting closer to her goal – finding Ky in the Outer Provinces. She arrives just days after he manages to escape into the series of canyons surrounding the area. Will Cassia and Ky find one another? Will they find their way to the Rising? What about Xander, Cassia’s closest friend (and her Match)?

Some twists in the plot and secrets discovered make for a surprising read.

The emphasis on the importance of art and written words, not just for the creativity that they illustrate, but also for the knowledge that they can pass on.

The alternating chapters showing both Cassia’s and Ky’s viewpoints. This added a new depth to the tale.

The ending felt rushed and a bit incomplete. I would have liked to hear about Cassia’s newest journey…before she arrived at her destination.


2nd book in series

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