Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Picture Book Promos - For the Birds

In celebration of National Feed the Birds Month (in February), we usually have a bird themed preschool storytime. Here are the books I used that week:

Mama puts tucks her five chicks into bed and kisses them goodnight, but as soon as she is out of the room those babies run wild – until Mama comes back in to admonish them. This continues on until Mama has a delightful surprise for her little chicks.

Bird wakes up so grumpy he can’t even fly. While walking around the forest, he comes across several friends who join in his stroll. Bird becomes grumpier until he comes to a realization that having friends around is the perfect antidote to grumpiness.

When Jack the cat builds a fantastic nest, he can’t wait for a chicken to lay an egg in it – and to eat a tasty omelet. When a chicken, a duck and a goose all lay eggs in the nest, Jack is excited. Breakfast, lunch and dinner omelets! After finally getting the three birds to leave in search for an even more perfect nest at the farm down the road, Jack is left with a few surprises.

When Pigeon finds a hot dog he can’t wait to try it. Duckling is curious, since he hasn’t tasted a hot dog before either. Pigeon is annoyed by Duckling’s questions, but just might be convinced to share.

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