Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picture Book Promos

The week before Saint Patrick’s Day our storytime theme was Pond Pals. I went with frogs, since there are so many delightful froggy tales available.

This classic cumulative picture book perfect for young preschoolers features a frog escaping the perils of the pond.

Bad Frogs can do no good – not even say please and thank you. These ill-behaved amphibians are full of mischief and bad attitudes. I particularly like the part when “they stay up late, kissing their girlfriends.”

Finklehopper Frog wants to run, so he goes out and buys a fun racing suit. When he starts jogging around the track, the other animals make fun of his style. It isn’t until Ruby Rabbit comes along and shows him that hopping and leaping is just as great as jogging that Finklehopper realizes that his style of running is perfect for him.

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