Sunday, April 08, 2012

Solidarnosc: what it was like growing up in Poland during the 1980s

Growing up during in the 1980s in Poland meant growing up under Communist rule. Marzi, born in 1979, grows from a young child who is content in her life to an older child who can see that something isn’t right with the way her people live. Things that we take for granted in our own country – telephones, fruit, cars and refrigerators, are luxuries. Speaking out against the government is illegal, and can cost your family work – or even lives. As Communism’s iron fist begins to decline in Poland, Marzi witnesses the Polish people gaining strength and, eventually, freedom.

This is a collection of snapshots into Marzi’s childhood. The stories shared are more than the hardships endured by the Polish people, but also of the joys and the day to day events. The comic style of the novel makes the stories more accessible.

The mostly muted tones of the illustrations set the stories well.

I wish it would have continued on longer as I would like to know more about Marzi’s life as she became a teenager and as Poland settled into their independence.

Non-fiction Graphic Novel

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