Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two Sexy! and Bridelton

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon, who got a ton of reading done on a month-long holiday to Thailand...the lucky duck!

Meg is a schoolteacher who is trying to convince herself to accept the proposal of her boyfriend. But she decides to take a week to decide while minding her sister’s business. She was looking for a sign when Jarett walked into her life. But is Jarett just looking out for himself? Or is he the sign that she wanted?

Interesting storyline
Real conflicts
Not necessarily realistic

Andrea is summoned home by her Great Aunt only knowing it is a family emergency. Turns out that her aunt’s health is failing and she wants to sell the family ranch, but needs Andrea and her sibling’s permission. The problem is that the ranch is losing money and not worth a lot of month. Andrea and her siblings decide to stay on and improve the ranch for sell but quickly realize that this is where they want to be. But what of Noah who wants to buy the place? Or the love that Andrea and Noah shared five years ago? 

The struggle within Andrea to figure out what she really wants
The family camaraderie and enjoyment of each other

Dragged on for a bit
Too many characters to keep track of at one point

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