Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Unlikely Pair and With This Kiss

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon, who got a ton of reading done on a month-long holiday to Thailand...the lucky duck!

A story of teenage love and worship. Beth is a freshman when she meets Jacob. He is two years older than her. It turns out that he lives next door and needs help with school so Beth ends up tutoring him and they quickly become best friends. But he misses his home and England and cannot wait to get back. Can their friendship survive the distance?

Beth is a strong, independent character
It kept my interest in what would happen next
Easy read
Note: Part 2 – My Once and Future Love continues where this left off

Deliberate fires have been happening in London. Julia thinks that she can catch the arsonists but to be successful, she needs to engage Morgan’s help. Morgan was the victim of one of the first fires losing many staff as well as still bearing the scars of trying to save them. Julia’s plan involves them marrying and hunting the arsonist together. Will her plan be successful? What will happen to their marriage if it isn’t?

Good story, keeps you wondering
It was not obvious who the arsonist was
Epilogue included – I quite often wonder what has happened after the story ends

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