Sunday, July 29, 2012

Found it on Pinterest - Bread Tag Monsters

One of the perks at working for a mid-sized library system is that there are a lot of people to hit up for odd craft supplies.  A couple months ago I sent out an all-staff email asking for plastic bread tags.  I wanted at least 55.  I ended up with about 140 (and counting...I'm still collecting to do this craft again).

I wanted to try this craft I saw on Pinterest, but with a little twist.  Since the program that craft was for is one that is passive and not constantly watched by a staff member, I didn't want to worry about the mess of paint.  So, instead the teens could use Sharpie markers to design their own monster.

Here is the pic from the blog that originally showed the craft:

And here are the samples I made to send to the branches:


The program is called DIY Friday.  Teens and tweens can drop in at any of our library branches on every other Friday and do a craft project.  

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Jen said...

Okay, those are ridiculously cute. And now I am off to get all those bread tags hanging out in the drawer... Thanks, Ama! :D