Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Locker Notebooks

Yesterday was the last DIY Friday program of the summer.  As some schools are back in session (already!?!), I don’t anticipate a high participation number.  That is something I will find out next week as the boxes are returned to me.

The final drop-in project was to make a locker notebook with tear-off sheets.  I learned this fun and easy way of making a notepad from our other teen librarian.  I’m not sure, but she might have gotten the idea from Pinterest.

A PDF of the instruction sheet I sent out with the craft supplies can be downloaded here.
To view the file, you will need a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (get it free here). 

Make Your Own Locker Notebook

1. Choose your notebook style.
2. Paperclip the paper together at the top.  Make sure the sheets of paper are stacked neatly at the top.


3. Put a thick layer of glue on the top of the paper stack.

4.  Add a magnet to the back of the notepad.
5.  When the glue has dried, remove paperclip. 


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