Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Reads

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

The Dirty Girls Social Club – Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
This book is about a group of girls that has grown up and gone their separate ways but they still get together occasionally to discuss their lives and problems.

I cannot tell you much more than that about this book as I was not able to get into it. I am not sure exactly what turned me off on this book. I think I did not identify with the characters and with each chapter written from a different person’s view, I could not get settled in and figure out what was going on.

Ama's Note:  I read this book years ago.  I can't recall the details, but do know that I really enjoyed it!

Stormfire – Christine Monson
I started this book but after I made it to page forty seven I gave up and moved elsewhere. I found the writing choppy and I could not figure out who the characters were and what they were doing or their relevance.

Usually I will push through with a book, but after consulting with Ama as to what point I could put it away, she said that fifty pages is the general rule of thumb and my choice.

Ama's Note:  Yup.  According to Nancy Pearl, if you can't get into it within 50 pages, then you don't need to continue reading. 

More Than You Know - Jo Goodman
Rand Hamilton lost his family estate during the civil war but he is determined to buy it back. But in order to get the funds, he must find the long lost family treasure. He only has half the riddle and no funds to undertake his voyage though. Along comes Claire who needs to return to the islands where Rand is travelling to in order to see if she can reverse the blindness that she was afflicted with when she left. But can these two who are opposites tolerate a long sea voyage together?

It was interesting to see how the characters dealt with Claire and her blindness – who always remembered, who didn’t care, and who forgot.

Seeing how Claire relied on her other senses and could pick up things others couldn’t

The Funeral Planner – Lynn Isenberg
Maddy has always been an entrepreneur but it seems like whenever she has a new idea, she is beat to the punch by her nemesis Derek Rogers. When he steals her latest idea, she gives up and ends up working in a bar where she ends trying to decide if it is worth fighting for or just giving up on her dreams.

Strong character who never gives up
Treating death with respect and dignity and also dealing with the taboo aspect of it
Jumps around in time without any indication as to how you got there

First book in a trilogy

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