Saturday, February 23, 2013

For Mercy's Sake and In From the Cold

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon. 

For Mercy’s Sake by Carol A Spradling

Seth, Daniel and Anna have been friends all their lives.  But when Daniel goes to sea, Seth decides to pursue Anna and marry her.  When Daniel comes back he is sad that he has lost her as he had made his intent known to Seth before leaving.  Even then, Seth and Daniel are partners in business so the three of them still spend a lot of time together.

But then, there is a fire at the warehouse that kills Seth.  As Anna thinks she is pregnant, Daniel quickly offers to marry her to give the child a name.  But unlike a typical marriage of this type, both parties love each other but need to learn how to deal as man and wife. 

Stories start to come out about Seth being murdered but there are conflicting stories that he is still alive in an asylum.  Is Anna married to someone other than Daniel?  Will they be able to sort out the truth?

Slow moving
I found the storyline confusing when it came to the truth of what happened

In From the Cold by Nora Roberts

Alanna is in her home when she hears someone sneaking into their horse barn.  She is afraid it may be a rustler there to steal their horses so she heads out with a gun to check it out.  It turns out to be a badly injured man.  She takes him in the home to care for him while he heals.  But in the meantime her and Ian start to have feelings for each other.  Ian knows that Alanna will never leave her dad and brothers and Alanna knows that Ian will never stop fighting for the cause he believes in.  Are they destined to not be together or will they find a way to make it work?

Characters face real struggles

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