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Pieces of Dreams and For Now, Forever

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

Pieces of Dreams by Jennifer Blake
Melly and Caleb are set to be married in a few weeks.  But then Caleb’s identical twin brother, Conrad, shows up in town for the wedding and life gets more interesting.  Melly is one of the only people who can tell them apart which works for Conrad as he impersonates Caleb once or twice to keep the local tongues from wagging.  But when Conrad kidnaps Melly and takes her down the river, not only do they have to deal with her being terrified of the water but their feelings for each other.  Can they survive the trip down the river and all that comes with it or will their relationship be over?

The mischief that Conrad can cause due to being an identical twin

Sometimes propriety is ignored – book is set in 1800s.  But it is explained usually due to Conrad being out of town for years and not having to be concerned with it.
Caleb is not always portrayed nicely due to how the author wants to make him look.

Note:  Kindle book

For Now, Forever
by Nora Roberts

The book starts when Daniel is in a car accident and Anna rushes to his side. Their children all show up, with their spouses and their own children, and Anna starts to recollect her life with Daniel.

It all started when Daniel first set eyes on Anna and declared that she would be his.  But Anna was a strong, independent woman that would have nothing to do with a man who only wanted her for his own gain.  As the two get to know each other, Daniel proves himself to Anna to the point that she agrees to move in with him.  Even though Daniel would prefer marriage, Anna refuses for reasons that Daniel is not able to figure out on his own.  But when society labels Anna as mistress, Daniel gets upset and pushes Anna to the point that she leaves with no forwarding address.

Obviously the couple reconciles and the story has a happy ever after, but the interesting part is how they end up getting there.

Anna is a strong character and stands up for himself when required; doesn’t bow to Daniel and his needs

Who is who in the family is hard to follow.  There is a family tree of sorts at the front of the book, but it is a list of when each person’s story was published, not the typical date.

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