Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My latest obsession - free eBooks

 I have a Kindle…somewhere.  I know it is in my house.  I’m just not sure where I put it last.  You see, I’ve rarely used it.  I much prefer a physical edition of a book where I can turn the pages. 

However, I recently started reading eBooks on the Kindle app on my iPhone.  There’s a good reason. 

Some authors publish short stories and novellas to go with a book series.  The ones I wanted to read were only available as eBooks.  So I broke down and purchased them.  Not knowing where the Kindle is, I decided to just read them on my phone.

Then I discovered the wealth of free books available through Amazon. 

The list of titles frequently change.  A book may be free one day and cost $2.99 (or more) the next.  In a wonderful marketing tactic, often the first book of a series will be free.  I’ve gotten hooked on a couple of historical romance series that way and have even purchased the additional series titles. 

How can you find those free eBooks?

Go to Amazon’s Kindle section and look to the right. You will see the top 100 Bestsellers – both paid and free.  Or you can just click this link.

Want to see the bestsellers (paid and free) for a specific genre?  From the Bestsellers page click on the genre listed on the left side.    There are so many books to choose from! 

Some are fantastic.  Some are, well, less than fantastic.  Much, much less.  Some may be only samplings, but that is usually easy to tell.

And since it is National Poetry Month, I will give you the link for the poetry bestsellers.  Enjoy!


Sweet B said...

Oh, how you feed my addiction.

Ama said...

I try. :D At least this time I'm not convincing you to spend money!

Sharon said...

I subscribe to an email list that sends out Kindle books that are free. It used to be all free but it isn't so much anymore :(

Ama said...

And we get this list how?

Sharon said...

Knew I should have posted it.

you can either visit the site or subscribe for a daily email :)