Monday, May 27, 2013

I dig it, do you?

Summer Reading is nearly here!  My coworker, Brindi, and I spent last Friday afternoon putting together our "tree" board.  About a year ago, Brindi made a tree out of cardboard.  It has been in the corner our wall of bulletin boards ever since then.  We collaborate on the board for a seasonal display.  Since this year's Summer Reading Program (SRP) theme is Dig into Reading!, we decided to make an underground scene.  Or, a partial one.  

We made the tree a bush.  All those leaves? They came from the poet-tree I made in April. I cut a shovel blade out of a cardboard and covered it with aluminum foil. The handle was made out of thinner cardboard and painted with brown tempera.

I think this might be my favorite board so far.

 Last week Brindi and I also had a Pirates and Princesses Party for preschoolers. (How's that for some alliteration?).  One of our crafts was a pirate hat.  Of course we needed a model for the hat.  He is going to be the branch's mascot for the summer.  We call him The Dread Pirate Captain Greybeard!


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