Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A few of my favorite (Caldecott) things!

My coworker Brindi and I have been reading the Caldecott winners and honors.  Our goal? Read all 316 titles this year.  We had previously read several, but only a small fraction.  This task has not been easy.  We aren’t quite finished, as we are still waiting on two titles to arrive at our library.  Hopefully soon!

Excluding the two titles left to read, here is the list of my favorites.  The list was compiled by reviewing the ratings I gave each title on  The list is ordered alphabetically by title.

Loved (5 stars) 
 EDITED TO ADD: Check out Brindi's Caldecott favorites by clicking here.


ellen said...

This sounds like a fun project, especially looking at the Honor Books. Did five stars indicate favorite illustrations or stories? Or,the book as a whole?
And, I have to know which ones you had to go to other libraries for! Off the top of my head, Snowy Day and Wild Things would make my top two. Otherwise, not sure!

Ama said...

I'll send you the list, Ellen. After a while I started keeping track of the ones I had to get from other locations. :)

Five stars meant I loved the whole shebang. Keep an eye out for my next few posts. I'll share the ones I didn't like and some thoughts on evaluating the books.