Monday, August 19, 2013

Sharon's Summer Reads - volume 3

These reviews are by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

Colleen and Brad have been friends forever but due to the “Heather” incident, they haven’t spent much time together in the last seeral years.  But when their group of six heads off to Vegas to celebrate Colleen’s 35th birthday, the two are thrown together on the plane and just hanging out as everyone else is in couples.
Colleen tells Brad about how she is happy with her life except that she thought that she would be married by now.  Brad suggests that the two of them get married and they can get it annulled the next day.  But, when they go to get this done, they are told that marriage is serious and that they should not have entered into it so lightly and they will have to find a way for to make it work.
The story is told by both of the characters in alternating chapters.  Some elements repeat so that you can see both of their sides
Needed a bit of editing

Izzy is doing fine with her career as a freelance photographer.  But then, Sports Illustrated approaches her to take photos of Jason which shatters her confidence and she tries to decline.  Her manager will not let her due to the funds that she will earn but he does know of her history with Jason.
At the same time, the birth mother of her son Nick decides to show up again.  She wanders in an out of Nick and Izzy’s life whenever she feels like it.  Neither of them wants to see her but Izzy feels that she has to let the Sabrina into Nick’s life so the two can have a relationship.  But she constantly worries that Sabrina will want her son back as Izzy is not able to legally adopt him.
When Jason shows up for the photo shoot and Izzy starts to feel for him like she used to, and the stress of Sabrina being there, Izzy’s life starts going into a tailspin.   Will she be able to make it through the photo shoot and the aftermath with Jason without losing everything that she holds so dear?
Complicated but real characters

Jessica is still single much to her mother’s disappointment.  But in searching her roots, her mother discovers that they have a tie to the elite classes in Britain.  With this information, her mother has found her a potential mate and is trying to convince Jessica to meet this gentleman.  As much as Jessica does not want to, she agrees to meet him but after she comes back from her two week holiday in Jamaica.
When she arrives in Jamaica, Jessica can hardly wait to relax and enjoy her last two weeks of singledom.  But, it turns out there is an error at the resort and she is stuck sharing her room with a stranger, James.   They offer to move her to another property but she is not comfortable with that so decides that she can put up with James.
Will her two weeks be as relaxing as she hopes or will she be anxious to get home and see where her life will take her?
Easy read, took around an hour to get through.
Story needed a fair bit of editing.  Words missed in sentences which made it difficult to read

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