Tuesday, October 01, 2013

a duo of romances

These reviews are by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

The Wager by Metsy Hingle
The Logan’s are a family run hotel business that are still missing one hotel to make the empire complete, “The Princess” which was lost in a wager by Josh’s grandfather.  He wants to buy it back, badly, but Olivia is not willing to sell it back.  When Olivia finds out she has an illegitimate granddaughter, Laura, she focuses on her to join the family and take over the helm of “The Princess” and bring it back to its former glory instead of selling it to Josh.
But Laura knows nothing of this extended family, believing that her father died when she was little.  But when her mother is killed in a car accident, the truth comes out and Laura is stunned and does not know what to believe anymore.   When she finds out about her father, can she overcome her pain and hurt to embrace her new family and how her life could change or will she continue with what she knows?
Characters are complex and have their own personalities

The Marriage List: full-length sweet historical romance by Dorothy McFalls 

May has grown up with her Aunt Winnie after her scientist parents left to explore the world.  As her health fails, May has become her caregiver and companion.  But, when May’s Uncle Sires declares May’s parents dead after they have not heard for them for over seven years,  May ends up in financial straits and her and Winnie are almost evicted from their home.
May petitions Radford’s business man who refuses to assist them so May pleads her case to Radford instead to allow her to stay at the cottage and she will find a way to pay the rest.  But what May does not count on is an attraction between her and Radford.  
Meanwhile, Radford has determined it is time for him to marry but does not feel very worthy of those around him due to a war injury.  He creates a list of the characteristics he feels will serve him well in finding a wife and selects Lady Lillian to court and marry.   Due to May’s assistance with Winnie, she offers Radford advice as to how to allow himself to heal, which he is not allowing himself to do as he is being stubborn and taxing his injury.
As Winnie’s health declines and May finds herself facing an arranged marriage to solve all her problems, will she find happiness and peace?  Or will she be forever tortured with thoughts of one she cannot have.
I felt like some explanations were not complete or were only referenced briefly and you did not get the full impact
Note:  It took me a while to get through this book due to timing so I may not have quite done it justice with the review.

Ama's Note:  I've read this one as well.  I can't really recall much of it, even though it was just a couple of months ago.  

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