Friday, February 14, 2014

Caught reading

My sister Gretchen has the only grandchild on my side of the family.  Her little girl, Madelynn, is not only the apple of her mommy and daddy's eyes, but of her Grandma, PapPap, Aunt Heidi and Auntie Mandy's as well.  If only she didn't live 1400 miles away!

My little Maddiecakes loves books.  I mean she absolutely adores them.  Gretchen has read to her since day one, and it really shows.  When they go to their local library, Madelynn pulls books to read – either with Mommy or by herself.  At home she will go and grab more books for her parents to read to her, adding to the pile they already have beside them.  And now she “reads” to herself.

The video is dark because as soon as Madelynn notices the camera she stops reading.  She is reading an issue of Babybug, a sturdy magazine for children ages six months to two years.

Madelynn is my favorite model to use in First Book-Trumbull County ads, such as this one:

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And this one from Christmas:

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She was so excited to be around all of those books.  It had been a few months since they had gone to the library, having attended storytime at a bookstore (along with her grandmother and cousin who also live in Texas).  

Look at all of these books!!

I had to laugh when I received these photos around Thanksgiving.  It was after midnight, and Gretchen sent two photos and this explanation:

"These are all the books that Maddie picked out for bedtime. We are half thru. I read 3 books, she got out of bed and brought me more."

Not asleep - just blinded by the flash.

Because Mommy didn't have enough books to read.

This little girl makes my heart sing.  Her love of books, so evident at such a young age (she is 17 months, four days old), makes her librarian aunt very proud. 

Just a small portion of her library.


Grandma said...

Can't wait to see what she dose when she learns to write, Maybe Aunt Mandy and Madelynn will write a book. Her Father side are wonderful writers.

Gretchen said...

This is adorable, it made me really happy to read that!

Ama said...

Maddiecakes' love of books makes me so very happy. I can't help but gush about her. :) Love that little girl.