Tuesday, April 08, 2014

dry spell

This past week I have hit a bit of a dry spell.  I have several books going right now, but can’t seem to really get into any of them.  This happens from time to time.  My theory is because sometimes my brain gets a little overwhelmed with all the written text I’ve consumed and goes on a mini-vacation.  

Sounds legit, right?

One of the books I was listening to was Scowler by Daniel Kraus.  I’m at least 75% through the book.  The narration is fantastic, and the writing is well-crafted.  The story, though?  It’s freakin’ me out, man.  I last listened to the audiobook during a recent morning commute to work.  I started the book and then within 30 seconds stopped it.  I even said aloud – to myself, as no one else was in the car with me – “I can’t do this. I can’t listen to anymore. Nope. Not happening."

Scowler was the 2014 winner and the last of the Odyssey honors and winners I haven’t listened to– until next January. 

So…that one is on hiatus.  The hubby downloaded it from my Audible.com account.   I told him to listen to the story and let me know what he thinks.  Specifically, if he thinks I can listen to the rest. 

Then I was listening to Zombie Baseball Beatdown by Paolo Bacigalupi.  Again, fantastic narration.  The story had potential to be a lot of fun.  But the tale has too many issues for my like.  Seriously.  It is more of an issue novel than a fun zombie story.   Illegal immigration. Unsafe practices in the food industry. Corporation cover-ups. Corporation bullying. Racism.  All wrapped in a book for middle schoolers.  I have nothing against adding one or two to a story, but when you get that much going on in a short novel it takes away from the rest of the story.  

The third audiobook I’ve been listening to has been a backup audiobook.  It’s an adult non-fiction book about food and kitchen science.  Interesting enough, but easy to set aside.

Have I mentioned how lost I feel when I have no audiobooks to listen to during my commute?  It forces me to listen to the radio.  Commercials annoy me.  If I am going to hear someone talk, I want it to be a great story I can read with my ears!

I have two Audible credits to spend. Soon I will have four.  The hubby would be more than happy to spend them for me, and I might share the wealth, but first I want to find something worth using at least one of them. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The dry spell also encompasses print versions, but not to the point that I have completely set aside all of the books I’ve been reading.  I’m not certain, but I think that would be a sign of impending doom.

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