Friday, September 12, 2014

I accept that challenge!

Thanks, Brindi.
I might have a little problem. An addiction, if you will.  My drug of choice is reading books.  I get my fix by doing reading challenges.  For a few years now I have focused my New Year’s Resolutions on reading (renamed Reading Resolutions), complete with challenges to read more of specific award winners and honors.

Brindi doesn’t help.  I might have been the one to share the Audiobook BINGO with her, but she has shared both the Reading BINGO challenge and the GoodReads group A Million More Pages (which is full of challenges) with me.  Brindi is a reading challenge pusher.

Some of the titles I use for these challenges overlap.  For instance, I have Cinder by Marissa Meyer on both BINGO cards, and at least one of the others.  I don’t consider this double dipping – especially as I do listen to a lot of audiobooks, and some of the challenges specifically allow this. Of course every book counts as one more towards my goal of reading 1000 books this year!

I’m nearly finished with the original Reading BINGO, having only one slot left.  I need to read a bestseller.  I am on hold for a couple, so it shouldn’t be too long before that challenge is completed. 

I have a long way to go on the two I am currently doing from A Million More Pages.  That’s alright, though, as those challenges have dates set for when they must be completed.  One is a yearlong challenge and the other last nine months. There is also a YA Reading BINGO, but I am going to wait to do that one later this year. It’s similar to the other Reading BINGO – and found on the same webpage – but there are a few differences. 

Know of another fun reading challenge?  Tell me about it in the comments!
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Sweet B said...

A challenge pusher, huh? Well I've been called worse ;)

These reading challenges are just too fun for me to keep all to myself!!! And, you've inspired me to write a post focused on our challenges. I mentioned the BINGO cards in other posts, but I feel there's enough now to fully I need another reason to talk about books on the blog :)