Monday, October 29, 2007

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I just started listening to this book today. OK. That's a lie. I started listening to it last winter or spring - long enough ago that I can't recall when. I didn't finish the first CD then, as I had many, many books that needed to be read/listened to at the time (in preparation for a presentation). So, it was placed on the back burner. Since then, I've heard so many people talk about the series. A high school student my husband worked with saw the CD in my car (when the hubster was driving it) and was very excited to think that he read the book. LOL That would be a no. It's definitely not his type of story.

So...I've started again. I've listened to about 1 and a half CDs so far. I'm not sure if it is the narrator or the story that I'm not liking. I guess we will see. I've heard people rave about the character Edward, but so far I want to smack him with What-the-Hell-is-your-problem stick. We'll see if my opinion changes as the story continues. I hope so! I do want to enjoy this book.

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