Sunday, February 10, 2008

Looking for Alaska by John Green

A few days ago I finished listening to this book. I picked it up recently when I was looking for something to read. The description on the packaging was vague, so I wasn't completely sure what it was about.

Miles is following in his father's footsteps when he decides to leave his home in Florida and attend Culver Creek Academy, a boarding school in Alabama. A collector of last words of famous people, Miles is in search of “Great Perhaps" (the last words of Francois Rabelais).

At Culver Creek, Miles meets Alaska Young via his roommate, Chip. Alaska is a force of nature - beautiful, loud and just a bit crazy.

The book counts the days up to - and after - an event that changes Miles and Chip, and causes them to go "Looking for Alaska".

My only complaint about the audiobook is not with the writing, but rather the reading. The music played at the beginning and end of each disc is annoying, especially as the reader is still speaking as the music plays. Additionally, the music does not fit the book, often sounding much too chipper considering what is happening at that point of the story.

Another element I found annoying, was the the repetition of a moment or two of the previous disc at the beginning of the next.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the story. I will be recommending it to others.

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